Style Icons Part 2 - The Past

  • In the first part of my Style Icons article I have presented 3 women that have marked the past century and now I bring you another fashion icons of the past.


    Leslie Hornby aka Twiggy, became famous as a supermodel in the 60-ies. Her large eyes and delicate, thin figure have brought her to the top fashion magazine covers (Vogue, Seventeen ...) In the 4 years modeling career, Twiggy has achieved what some of today's models achieve in a few years. She had a huge impact on today's girls, but also the entire fashion industry. Twiggy got her nickname because she looked like a twig, she was 170 cm and only 41 kg, which were condemned by many people, but everyone admire her beautiful face.
    She was the symbol of purity and innocence and Twiggy has refused to wear clothes that was vulgar and obscene, but she was faithful to her "little girl" style where the combined dresses and geometric patterns decorated hippie bruises, zipper, tape ... Her trademark was short skirts, and she adored big sunglasses. Twiggy is known for her make up, that was very special, and today it is often seen on Halloween.
    After the age of 19 she dropped from her modeling career and dedicated to music and acting. Although she received many offers for film roles, Twiggy opted for life in the theater.
    She released several albums, and today the 60-year-old Twiggy can be seen in various commercials for wrinkles cream and as a guest star in various TV series. Also, she participated as a jury member in the show America's Next Top Model.


    Madonna invested a lot of effort in her career and has achieved everything she wanted. She was born in 1958. in Michigan, which she left when she was 19 years old. At the urging of a teacher she moved to New York where she danced on tour by Patrick Henandeza 1979. Madonna formed many bands, and in 1982. she signs a record deal with Sire Records and releases her first single, Everybody. Later, Madonna issued a series of unforgettable hits such as Material Girl, Like A Prayer, Like a Virgin, La Isla Bonita ... without which even today women night out can't go without. When she become famous, her style became tred among girls, a craze for such clothing are spread like the Spanish flu. All the girls wanted to look like Madonna, act like her and be her.
    Madonna's trend of short mini skirts over capri pants and tights, lace corset, lots of jewelry copied the girls from 7 years through 17 years old girls and women in 40-ties life.
    Make up on the eyes was bloody red complete with colorful, fluorescent pink or dark red lips.
    After Madonna tried millions of different styles from the 1980-ies until now, today she maybe wouldn't be recognized because she blended in among the rest of the women. Recently, with his daughter Madonna issued a fashion collection called Material Girl.

    Debbie Harry
    Debbie Harry all around the world as a singer of Blondie. Debbie Harry as most of the girls in search of her dream, moved away from the family home in New York, where he worked as waitress, salesperson, and even worked as a secretary. In 1973. she formed a band with Chris Stein called The Angel and the Snake. In 1975. they changed the band name to Blondie. Although Debbie has become world famous when she was in her thirties, her distinctive likeness and blond won the whole world and she achieved enormous success in pop culture. Andy Warhol once said that she was his favorite pop star, due to a contact which is realized with audience: it seemed to be looking through them, not them.
    Debbie had a very extravagant fashion statement. In the 70-ties she partially copied style of Marilyn Monroe, but unlike Marilyn, Debbie no longer seemed like the girl next door. But in the 80-ies Debbie accepted all the trends of the decade from colored tights and jeans, whose waistline stretched almost to the navel, and headband. Girls who adore Debbie blindly followed this trend. As for makeup, Debbie mostly wore a dark, dramatic make-up which was perfectly emphasized her tongue. Today, Debbie is going back on tour with her band Blondie.


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