Make Your Own Homemade Eyeshadow Base

  • Encouraged by long-term search for a good eyeshadow base, and without which I can't live because I love shades that without it accumulates in the eye crease. So I decided to put an end to the hassle of searching around and made my own base.

    In addition to holding the hood in place and prevents it that accumulates at the crease, the base makes the color more intense. Just using a good base you will succeed to create a look that will look impressive, but not washed out, and all that with the cheapest eyeshadow.

    There is a huge choice of eyeshadow base. Most recognized bases are Urban Decay primer potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I had a chance to try out the second one, but so much money is just too much for a tube that i used for 2-3 months.

    Eyeshadow base that I used before are Manhattan base in a white box, which was perfect but they stopped producing and Catrice Stay on base that didn't work for me - the colors looked washed out. I only have to try out ArtDeco base for which I heard it's great.

    So I decided to try a recipe for homemade base and was thrilled! Base surpassed my expectations - it absorbed quickly, lasting only a little shorter than Too Faced bases and shades of colors on it just pops up.

    Here is a quick and simple step-by-step tutorials for creating your own homemade eyeshadow base. First, you need moisturizer (preferably intended for the eye, but I did not have, nor have sensitive eyes, so I used Nivea), liquid foundation in shades of your skin or something lighter, an empty box with a lid (I used box from my blush) and some to mix with (eg, tweezers). Container should be well cleaned before use.

    In a bowl squeeze cream by your own preference. I have squeezed about three times more then the amount of cream than I normally use for my face.

    Then add the liquid foundation. The ratio of powder and cream should be approximately 1:3. The cream will allow faster absorption of powder.

    Mix this, for example, with tip of tweezer. This way we dilute the powder that would, applied directly on the eyelid, gathered in folds within half an hour.

    That's it! Mixture that you get should be uniform and creamy.

    And now it's time for a big test. On the left hand side I applied the base and waited a moment to soak in, then over the left and right sides (without base) I put some Essence eyeshadow. See the difference?

    I especially recommend this homemade eyeshadow base for girls that don't use eyeshadow every day. Thus prepared base has a shorter shelf life than the one you buy, but it's not hermetically closed, so we recommend you wash the container and create a new dose approximately every month. Good luck with the mixing!


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