6 Invisible Skin Enemies

  • If you only wish a perfectly clean skin, without acne, pimples and blackheads, we may have a solution for you. It's not even a magic wand or a goldfish, but it's the simple advice from dermatologist.

    Puberty is far behind you, but pimples just can't leave you alone. With the help of an expert dermatologist, the most common causes of irregularities in the skin of the face are discovered, for which we are not even aware that we ourselves are to blame:

    1. Subjects pressed against the first face
    While talking on the phone or cell phone, playing violin, or often only leaning on the arm, you're giving little dirt on the skin a chance to perform. All of the above comes in contact with the skin on your face and is full of bacteria that cause skin reactions. Therefore, avoid contact with skin while talking on the phone, and avoid touching the face before you wash your hands thoroughly.

    2. Stress
    Stress causes many health problems, including increased secretion of hormones, which causes pimples and acne. Although it is difficult to get rid of stress in the modern way of life, you can at least reduce it with the relaxation time and less heed to the little things that make you upset.

    3. Pillow and towel
    While you sleep, the skin on the face is recovering and discards dead cells and impurities. But they remain on your pillow and this doesn't create a comfortable foundation to your skin, because all the dirt and bacteria come back into contact with the skin, causing inflammation and unclean pores in the form of acne and pimples. The same thing happens with towels, which is more suitable place for bacteria due to moisture.

    Therefore, regularly change the bed sheets and towels so your skin is less exposed to bacteria. Also, use minimal amounts of detergent and fabric softener, because they can also cause adverse skin reactions, which is naturally more sensitive than skin on other parts of the body.

    4. Excessive cleansing
    If you use face cleansing products more than twice daily or you are cleaning it with products that dries skin, you are achieving exactly the opposite effect.
    Excessive cleaning of the skin deduct the natural moisture, which she compensates secreting more fat and creates a vicious circle. Instead of excessive cleaning, good hydration is more important to get rid of fat shine.

    5. Hair Products
    You do not apply them to your face? You just think so. Each time you touch the hair and skin, hair conditioner, lacquer, gel and other products are transferred to the skin, as well as impurities from the hair. This is what happens while you sleep, wash your hair or simply hold the hair near the face.

    Therefore, rinse the hair, and keep it away from your face and use as few hair products because silicone and other ingredients contained in it clogs pores.

    6. Sunbathing
    Small amounts of sunlight are good for your skin, bot exaggeration has the opposite effect. As already mentioned, excessive dryness of the skin leads to excessive secretion of fat, and that is what pimples and acne can hardly wait.


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