How To Use Make-Up Brushes

  • Make-up for many of us is a form of art. To perform this art we need the right tools, such as cosmetic brushes or applicators. Makeup brushes are as important as the color that is applied. High-quality brushes will greatly contribute to the premium feel of your face!

    Synthetic or natural fibers?

    Very good quality brushes are from so-called taklon. Taklon is a common name for the synthetic fiber used in making cosmetic brushes. These are smooth, soft and somewhat fragile fibers, polyester derivatives devoid of any protein or allergen and are therefore used in cosmetic industry as a replacement for the brushes from animal hair.

    With modern technologies making of synthetic brushes has become very sophisticated and the brushes of taklon are recommended for application of lipstick, concealer, liquid foundation and other creamy texture. The reason is that the synthetic fibers of taklon are correct and are easier to clean, and thus avoid the formation of bacteria. Natural fibers are irregular and subject to the "draw" of the impurities that are difficult to clean.

    Natural fibers used in making brushes are pony, goat or badger hair. Brushes made of natural fibers are recommend to apply eye shadows, blush and powder. These brushes do not change shape over time, have a softer touch, better affect the make-up, which is evenly applied to the face ...

    No to cheap brushes!

    Avoid buying cheap brushes made of synthetic fibers, they are harsh and will eventually become more coarse and will irritate your face. Using these brushes you won't achieve balanced and natural appearance. Consider buying make-up brushes as a investment because it will last a very long time with a proper maintenance.

    Maintenance and cleaning

    You need to disinfect brushes after each use or at least several times a week with a mixture of water and alcohol (70:30) and wipe with a dry cloth. Once a week or every two weeks wash them with gentle shampoo and warm water. Allow them to dry.

    Basic make-up brushes

    Concealer brush - small brush in rectangular shape, with firm and dense fibers. This brush can be used for creamy eyeshadow.

    Eye shadow brush - available in several forms, shorter brush fibers means application intensity is stronger.

    Blush brush - you should have it because with the applicator you get with the blush you can't apply blush evenly and natural.

    Lipstick brush - made of hard fiber, evenly applies lipstick on lips.

    Powder brush - a big, broad brush with thick fibers for an even finish.

    Foundation brush - it is very similar to the concealer brush, only bigger. You can apply foundation with your fingers or a sponge, it is a matter of choice.

    Lash and brow comb - properly shaped eyebrows and combed perfectly frame the eyes.


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