Check Out Rihanna's Hottest Hairstyles

  • ... In red tones

    Besides the music, Rihanna is recognized worldwide for her hair, which through the last few years set trends and become the subject of copying for many trendsetters.

    Thus in 2006 her long natural girl next door were shortened to semi-long hair, which was soon, together with Umbrella became bob haircut (and also one of the most copied hairstyle last year), and now singer adores semi-long red hair. Rihanna has become a true chameleon in the world of hair, one of the worthy successor to Jennifer Aniston.

    However, most attention has been drawn by her red hair (which we still love the most) and showed that the red tones in hair with scarves and jewelry match perfectly, and she didn't forget to check how wavy hair, curls and elegant hairstyles inspired by old Hollywood look on a redhead. Therefore, we made a little review and determine why the In Touch Weekly proclaimed Rihanna's hairstyles the best. So lets see.

    Short and shaved

    Gentle curls

    Touch of the 60's

    Accessories in the hair

    Pixie haircut

    Bangs on the side


    Long straight hair vs. untidy braid


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