New Make-up Trends For Spring 2011

  • First of all, you can expect a totally "nude" and natural makeup, but also timeless smokey eyes effect, neon and bright colors on the eyes and the intense red, pink or coral matte lips ... I would single out these four major trends as the dominant and the choice is of course, entirely yours!

    Accentuated lips

    Dynamic, intense and bold trend are certainly matte lips with bright colors. You might say that this kind of make-up is only for young girls, but you're wrong - it can be perfectly worn by more mature women. Of course, you need to wear it in those situations where you're sure you'll feel comfortable with this "screaming" lips of dynamic colors, with the message - "look at me!"

    Lips are very intense and lively, and the colors used emphasize sexiness and playfulness. This spring, lipstick shades that will be the most worn are red, coral, orange, pink and purple - the colors that are sure to attract enormous attention. For enhanced seduction (and why not?), try the matte version of any of these shades. This year don't put too much lip gloss over the basic lipstick, completely matte lips are in! Be sure to first draw your lips with the appropriate lip pencil, and even go a little, but quite a bit, outside the natural lip line! Eyes are completely natural - only one layer of mascara.

    Diane Von Furstenberg, Fendi and Moschino look - screaming colors on the lips

    Natural look

    This spring, we just can not avoid completely fresh and elegant natural look. It seems there is no end to the popularity of "nude" and natural look and that's great, because this kind of makeup in the best way highlights the natural beauty and provides a fabulous trendy look. Cheeks are refreshed with subtle touch of blush, the eyes can be, or not, defined with the natural brown shades while in the inner corner of the eye can be put a little highlighter (white pencil). We just need mascara on the eyelashes and lips with nothing or very little neutral color lipstick and we have created a delicate and sophisticated look that will definitely attract attention!

    Dolce & Gabbana and Dsquared promote nude look for spring

    The eyes are prominent and colorful

    All of you who have beautiful and expressive eyes can further emphasize their beauty with bright colorful eye shadows. You can use the classic shades, delicate pastel shades or really pigmented eyeshadow. The colors that are in are: yellow, orange, pink, coral, turquoise, green and blue. These are must-try colors that will highlight the beauty of your eyes and draw attention. If you are using a very pigmented eye shadows, make sure that your foundation is perfectly applied and that all irregularities are covered with concealer, because these eye shadows require a flawless complexion! Above the upper lashes you can apply black eyeliner and black mascara on the lashes in several layers. If you want a gentler and more open view, apply the white pencil, and for more insidious and dramatic look, use a black pen! You can leave the lips natural or apply red lipstick!

    Dior and Derek Lam suggested the intense colors on the eyes

    Smokey eyes

    It seems that we will never get bored of experimenting with smokey variations! Smokey is not only easy to apply but also very nice to see. With just a few tips and tricks, you can easily become a master of this technique. Reach for the usual black and gray, or to look trendy spice up your eyes with gray-green or dark blue eye shadow. Highlight smokey eyes by applying a little pink, orange or caramel blush on the cheeks! Lips remain natural, without anything!

    Chanel and Giorgio Armani use smokey eyes effect


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