How To Choose The Right Oil Treatment For Hair Care?

  • Oils are the right food for your hair, no matter what is the type. They provide care, hydration, shine, softness and silky texture, solve your dandruff, split ends ...

    There are many types of oil on the market - the question is how to choose the right type for yourself?

    Coconut oil

    This oil is still the most effective and most used oil when it comes to hair care. It soothes the scalp and deletes harmful effects of polluted urban smog and the sun's rays. Likewise, this oil can regenerate hair whose health is impaired with permanent coloring and chemicals. If you are dreaming of a head massage, gently warmed coconut oil is ideal.

    Castor oil

    Ricinus or kastor is the best solution for dry scalp.

    It acts as a very strong moisturizer and enhances hair growth. If your hair problem is thin hair, this oil will take care to its re-growth and strengthening.

    Massage it into your scalp and leave overnight. In the morning rinse it with your normal shampoo. Do this once a week and you will notice the improved quality of your hair in several months.

    Jojoba oil

    This oil is suitable for all hair types and is known for treating broken, cracked and dry hair.

    Peppermint oil

    Blood flow through the head to the scalp is of great importance for the healthy and rich hair. Peppermint oil will take care for this and provide enough oxygen. The result will be strong and thick hair.

    Lemon oil

    If you have oily hair, then this citrus oil is ideal for you. Oil is also a good as anti-dandruff and for scalp inflammation. Apply it once a week and hold an hour on the scalp before you rinse it with mild shampoo.

    Almond oil

    Almond oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are known to strengthen and revitalize the hair. Massage the scalp and head with this oil twice a week to increase the growth of hair.

    Tea tree oil

    This oil is also suitable for people with oily hair because it controls the creation of sebum, fat on the scalp, but at the same time, it hydrates the hair. Tea tree is a good solution for dandruff, and you can combine it with a few drops of olive oil to make your hair radiant and nourished.

    Olive oil

    Best friend of your dried hair in the summer is olive oil. It will nurture the hair and restore lost moisture after a day of sunbathing and swimming in salt water or chlorinated pool water. Apply oil to hair and scalp and wrap your hair with warm towel. After half an hour, rinse the head with mild shampoo.


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