How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

  • Open look of an innocent girl at the same time is sweet and seductive. Experiment with make-up and with our advice try your irresistible look.

    1. Base

    For starters apply concealer on the eye area and eyelid leave it to absorb. After that, smooth it with the powder.

    2. Eyeliner

    Use black eyeliner use only on the top par of the lid, making sure that the line goes only to the edge of the eyelashes, because if we extend the eyes you'll have more dangerous look, and less innocent. Whit white eyeliner draw a line across the bottom of the eye.

    3. Eyeshadow

    You will achieve large and open eyes with a neutral eye shadow, either warm or cold colors. It is important to apply eye shadow with a larger brush to the area from lashes to brows. Darker shades of the same colors apply in the corner - near the bone below eyebrows.

    4. Mascara

    On the lashes apply a few coats of mascara to make your eyes look delicate, yet mystical. Make sure that you don't blind eye lashes, then comb them and make sure which mascara you apply. Once you have applied mascara take eyelashes curler and press several times. This will further open your eyes.

    5. Eyebrows

    For open eyes is also important that eyebrows are neat and proper formed. If they are not regulated - make up won't fit so good. Find your natural brow line and of course all get rid of all that mischievous excess.


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