How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes?

  • Celebrating New Year's until the early morning may leave a mark on your appearance. Although happy, many will be tired, and after a good sleep, one look in the mirror will reveal puffy and swollen eyes.

    We bring you a few tips on how to solve this problem fast.

    1. Ice

    Slight pressure on the eyelids with cold object will help you reduce puffiness. Do not literally hold the ice cubes on delicate eye skin. Instead, a soft towel for your face soak in cold water with ice. Put a towel on your eyes as a compress and hold it up to ten minutes. If the fabric quickly warms up, soak it again in cold water. Washing in cold water will also help your circulation.

    2. Milk

    Pour in the bowl cold water and little milk. In this mixture soak a cotton pad and tap the eyelids and eye area. You will succeed in removing the swelling and your skin will shine. Yet Cleopatra knew what to do for healthy skin!

    3. Cucumber

    Cut two slices of fresh cucumber, which were kept in the refrigerator and leave them on the eyes for ten to fifteen minutes. Cucumber is great as a fighter against the dark circles, so this is vegetables you should definitely in the refrigerator. Besides being rich in vitamin C, this cucumber contains high amounts of silicon, which prevents water retention. Instead you can use potatoes or even an apple.

    4. Aluminum Foil

    If you do not have a cucumber, listen to the advice of Britney Spears makeup artist, who swears in this unusual beauty secrets. In the freezer freeze aluminum foil tape that you'll put on the face and eyelids. There won't be no more trace of a night out!

    5. Tea bags

    Chilled green tea bags are also known cure for swollen eyes.

    Tea has a natural anti-inflammatory properties and provides your skin with a fresher, rested appearance - will calm the skin, reduce pores and swelling. For this purpose, use two tea bags, soak in water and drain well. Then leave them in the refrigerator until it cooles down a bit and place on closed eyes for approximately five minutes.


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