New Year's Beauty Resolutions

  • In the new year, decide how to preserve your beauty and be even more careful with yourself and your appearance. You should keep on the next decision.

    1 - I will feed my skin

    What we eat has a major impact not only on health but also on appearance. The ideal diet should contain an optimal balance of nutrients necessary for health and beauty.

    2 - I will regularly twitch my eyebrows

    Beauty of the face eyebrows contribute more than you think. twitch will stress your shape and draw attention to the eyes.

    3 - I will nourish my hands

    On hands is always the hardest to cover your age, and is so easy to nourish them. Regularly applying the cream and do not dry out.

    4 – 400-100 brush strokes

    The effect is not proven, but it is claimed that you brush 100 strokes before bedtime to ensure a bright and healthy hair.

    5 - Every day I will afford plenty of rest

    The fragrance of essential rose oil helps to maintain emotional balance and coping with negative emotions, which means reducing stress, and thus more attractive look.


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