Innovative Products That Have Moved The Boundaries

  • To meet the increasing demands and needs of consumers and increased revenues, cosmetic companies are constantly launching new products with a revolutionary new ingredient in the new containers with new ways of application. However, several new products launched late last year with their innovative have really raised the bar.

    The search for the perfect shade of blush according to Stila experts has become the past. Their latest Custom Color Blush reacts to the pH of your skin and, combined with the ingredient Red 27, creates a unique shade that will perfectly suit you. In addition, the formula is enriched with browning spherical particles treated with silicone elastomers, which will fill small wrinkles on the skin and give the face a gentle glow. It is available only in one universal shade, which is already sold out on the official website of the brand.

    Specifically, Temptu Undereye Concealer apparently completely erases dark circles, fine lines and spots on the area around the eyes, thanks to its formula enriched with - diamond dust. Although diamonds are the best friends of each woman, their application under the eyes seems really excessive, despite the vitamins, Aloe vera and cucumber extracts witch will smooth and moisturize the skin.

    According to Dr. Frederic Brandt, founder of the eponymous beauty brand, Time Arrest creme represents "a quantum leap in the way that the anti-aging products function". In fact, their latest innovations using nanotechnology to the active ingredients penetrates deeply into the skin and acts on target wrinkles and other signs of aging skin. Formula which is rich with innovative blend of peptides, silanol pearl and grape seed extract energizes the cells, enriching them with oxygen, improves micro-circulation, lifts and tightens the skin and provides protection from UV radiation and stressful environmental influences. The only drawback of this revolutionary cream is a high price of $200.

    Forget your toothpaste, strips and treatments for whiter teeth - GO Smile Whitening Light is the newest, revolutionary device for teeth whitening with LED light. This braces cost $198 and allegedly after just one session of 30 minutes makes your teeth whiter for up to eight shades. The device is ergonomically designed, built-in alarm clock notifies you when the treatment is over, does not harm the enamel, and Allure declared it one of the best anti-aging innovations in 2011.

    It seems acne fight has reached a new dimension: instead of rehabilitation of existing acne, researchers at the Zeno lab thought of preventing acne before they arise. For this purpose, they created a truly ingenious system: a moisturizing serum that kills bacteria contributed to the occurrence of acne penetrates deeply into the skin, thanks to a small vibrating massage. According to studies, Zeno Heat Treat ($ 40) eliminates 99.9% bacteria after just one hour, and anti-acne serum hydrates and cleanses pores.

    Have you ever tried one of this products? If so, what are your impressions?


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