Hairstyles That Make You Look Thinner

  • If you're chubby or you just have a round face you need to be extra cautious before making a hairstyle of your dreams. Wrong choice can completely ruin the look rather than improve it. Ideally, you should always consult with a professional hair stylist, but you can also try the specific rules that will help you reach that thinner look with your hairstyle.

    First and foremost, you need to emphasize the thinner parts of the face and hide the parts that are "difficult", so to speak. Although some would not like it, it is necessary to have relatively long hair to make this work. In addition, long hair can help to divert attention from face parts you do not want to be emphasized. To highlight your hair, it doesn't hurt that you accentuate it with the natural colors.

    Do not go overboard with some wild shades, because generally they don't fit with round faces and larger figure. If you have excess fat in the face and cheeks, carefully release some locks on both sides of the face and cover chubby cheeks. Some hair accessory on the front side (the lighter color) also works wonders in deterring attention away from "bad" parts of the face.

    If you have a high forehead, cover it with bangs to make your face look smaller. You shouldn't let your hair be disheveled and "fluffy" as after the washing. By increasing the volume of hair you will only add volume to your face.

    Of course, not all women love long hair. If you are among them, then decide on chin length bob hairstyle. Again, you can leave a little bangs on the side in order to draw attention from the face to them.


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