Layered Hair Styles

  • Straight hair cut is forgiven only if you belong to the Adams family Adams, in other cases only a lively highlights and hair with lots of volume will give you a pass.

    The good new is that this style does not have to be blessed with abundant hair because the layers can accommodate to any hair type and face shape. But hair cutting isn't the same for all hair types, it must be adapted to the natural structure of hair.

    A few tips that are good to know:

    - If you have curly hair, it is enough to refresh it with several layers, but in larger intervals. That is the only way that curls will keep their shape and won't become frizzy.

    - Thin, soft hair will also look good with a few layers, but it has to have some layers around the face and they can't be too short, but about the ears height. That way you will get the desired volume.

    - If your hair is straight or slightly wavy and you would like shaped hair, ask your hairdresser to cut off layers at the very tops of the hair, and length ranging from a few centimeters.

    - To a very thick hair cutting in several layers will do good to make it more thinner. Ask your hairdresser to make it more thinner on the tops (holding the scissors vertically).


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