Do It Yourself: Tinted Face Cream

  • Do you have small imperfections on the face and just want to even the complexion, but with no foundation? This is also possible! Read on to learn how.

    When my face is clean, free of blemishes and redness or when I go somewhere where I don't need a full make up, I use a toned cream. Especially in the winter when my skin starts to flake a bit in the area around the nose and cheeks, tinted moisturizer is my best choice because it doesn't emphasize the dry parts, regardless of whether I put the cream before foundation or not. In the summer a tinted face cream is also a better choice than foundation because it doesn't melt.

    Maybe some of you tried something like that, but if haven't, definitely try it. The advantage of a homemade toned cream is in the shades. Most tinted creams have a universal tone and some girls who have very light skin can't use it. If you do your own toned cream you will save money, which is also a big plus.

    The process of making a toned cream is very simple, you need:

    1. Face cream that suits you best
    2. Foundation (preferably in two shades because the cream will lighten your foundation, and
    if you mix two shades you'll get the perfect combination)
    3. A jar into which you'll put toned cream
    4. Toothpick

    Fill half the jar with your favorite face cream, and half with a combination of two foundations. Be sure to put a small amount of a darker foundation, only to create the perfect shade. Mix it to get a uniform mixture. Mixture should not be colorful, there shouldn't be traces of white cream. For a start would be best to take a small dish, approximately 5 ml, to see if this mixture suits it. This quantity will be sufficient for approximately five applications, and perhaps more, depends on how much you put on your face.

    Very easy to perform, not some great wisdom. When you do your toned cream also know what products you have mixed, so if you have oily skin combine products for this type of skin, which is best, it won't give you that shine. These creams won't give you great coverage, but will even your skin.

    Have you tried this combination? If yes, please share your thoughts with us. Do you use a toned cream?


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    thanks so much for this helpful tips, what a lovely easy steps for a greater skin..

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