Mysterious Femme Fatale Make-up

  • If you want to leave the impression of a elusive and mysterious woman, you can archive this with choosing the right make-up. Here are some tips.

    1. Foundation and blush

    For the mysterious arch on your face foundation should look like delicate shimmering veil. So dedicate more time doing your base. Apply concealer to possible trouble spots, put a slightly thicker layer of foundation, smooth it all and after a few minutes, apply the powder with shimmering particles. More evenly you distribute it, your face will look nicer. Blush should be gentle (in reddish tones) - because you don't want to achieve the look of a cute doll but a femme fatal look.

    2. Eyes

    The eyes are very important for a mysterious look. To begin, select a dark eyeshadow, maybe a dark blue or dark gray with reflections and apply on the eyelid. After that, take your eyeliner and pencil and draw a line along the edge of the upper eyelids. With a white eye pencil pull the line in the lower part of the inner corner. Apply a large layer of mascara to the upper lashes.

    3. Lips

    You should apply softer lipstick or gloss because the eyes are in the focus. Lipstick in the color of your lips, maybe a little darker and without shine is a good choice.


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