Nourish Your Skin With Banana And Avocado Mask

  • If you notice signs of redness, dryness and peeling of the skin, it is time to feed her with rich mask and bring into balance.

    Winter cold, wind and sudden temperature changes when leaving a warm home can leave a mark on your face. Right then the skin is unprotected and vulnerable. Help her to return the former glory!


    * 1/2 banana
    * 1/2 avocado
    * 2 tbsp full-fat yogurt
    * 1 tbsp olive oil

    Avocados are rich in essential fatty acids which helps regenerate skin, which means that this fruit is ideal for dry, damaged and mature skin. If it lacks shine and life, vitamins A, C, D and E, which hides, will feed your skin and give her a beautiful shine.

    Banana will nurture your skin and erase all the negative environmental effects. You'll find a soft and smooth skin, worthy of silk, and yogurt will also hydrate your skin perfectly.

    One of the oldest beauty secret that is used in many cosmetic lines is olive oil. Rich in vitamins A and E that help renew the skin and heal "the damaged cells due to sunlight, cold and wind, olive oil is ideal ingredients for skin care. It penetrates deeply through the skin and binds moisture in the inter-cellular space. It also recovers and compensates fats, which means that you no longer have a sense of dryness and tightening on the skin.

    Banana and avocado mash with a fork and gently stir in remaining ingredients just until you get a paste. Apply mask to clean face, neck and decollete area. Leave for 20-minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Dry it gently tapping with towel on the skin. At the end apply a mild tonic that will close the pores and with cream for daily care allow extra moisturizing.


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