10 Interesting Fashion Facts

  • Since ancient times, fashion has delighted people, has collected lovers and victims, and expanding fashion empire. However, under the yards of fabrics in the history are hidden secret facts, and we will reveal them only a few.

    1. Cuff-links

    You all know what cuff-links are, but do you know how they came in use? Napoleon Bonaparte called his personal tailor and ordered that buttons on the sleeves have to stitched for soldiers in Napoleon army. And all this just to prevent soldiers from whipping their nose with sleeves.

    2. Children's fashion

    Although today children's fashion is almost important as male or female, in the fashion world this fashion has entered 200 years ago. Until then, kids had to wear small copies of men's and women's clothing.

    3. When did models appear?

    By the 19 century and the first appearance of the models in the context of fashion expression, designers have had their creations displayed on mannequins. With puppets everything was cheaper. But less interesting!

    4. Tax for beard

    During Peter the Great rule in Russia, the men had to shave the beard to look more like European. Otherwise they would have to pay the tax.

    5. Where and how were thongs made?

    Modern thongs were made in New York. Mayor Fiorello Henry La Guardia was shocked to see that dancers in the show aren't wearing any underwear, and ordered that small panties are made to hide nakedness.

    6. Handicrafts

    Currently, stitched unique items have a nice price, but in the 70-ies most people were knitting their own thing. It was important that fashion is comfortable, not pretty.

    7. Jewelry

    Although most of jewelry wear women, man were the ones who many years ago started wearing jewelry as a status symbol.

    8. Short hair

    Although at the present time, women often like to wear short hair, before it was a sign of unfaithful women. If the wife was caught in infidelity, she would have to cut her hair as a sing of shameful behavior.

    9. Pregnancy as a fashion

    It is unbelievable that in 15th century, women wore a pillow under clothes to fake pregnancy, to be pregnant was a new trendy thing those days.

    10. Eyebrows

    Once very thin eyebrows were very popular, then thick, and now more natural look is a hit. However, in the Renaissance face without eyebrows was very popular, what proofs Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.


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