The Secret Of Sexy High Heels

  • When buying high heels always take enough time. Never buy them in a hurry. Shoes aren't only different in height, but also in shape and form of shoes so you have to try it to make sure that it fits you.

    Regardless of which number of shoe you wear always try one number smaller and larger shoes to make sure in which one is easier to walk. Expensive shoes often have the numbers in half. Do not hesitate to try a couple of shoes until you find the right one, a good selection of shoes is essential for a good walk in them. If you'll wear hosiery always try heels with hosiery.

    Always on high heels, if you wear hosiery, get a new one. Nothing will ruin you look like a messy stockings, which will all your efforts regarding the choice of shoes and walking in them easy ruin. Otherwise a good choice of stockings can make an impression even better.

    If you wear pants or long skirts with high heels, check out their length. They can be longer than usual, but should not be too long, otherwise it might accidentally get stuck in heels.

    Do not jump from flat shoes in those with very high heels, unless you have a natural talent, first try some variant in between, with little thicker heel, as though the thin high heels must have experience and preparation.

    Check out some of ours recommendation of the sexiest high heels. Now go and find something for you!

    Favilla High Heel Sandal - Pewter Metallic Kid Suedeknotted faux suede platform heelfloral print slingback platform
    $180 at DNA Footwear, $30,90 at, $28,80 at

    4 7/10'' High Heel 4/5'' Platform Sheepskin Leather Fashion Shoes4 7/10'' High Heel 1'' Platform Purple Peep Toe Sheepskin Suede Fashion Shoes
    $ 60,99 at Milanoo, $64,99 at Milanoo


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