Be 100% In Trend This Spring

  • Although fashion changes at an incredible pace, and the trends for spring and summer were presented at the fashion shows, but you can follow fashion at a much cheaper and easier way. Take a peek into the closet and in boxes with jewelry and cosmetics, and listen to advice that will help you to be 100 per cent in trend.

    1. Say goodbye to smokey eyes
    Although smoky eyes are still a good choice for the evening, avoid it during the day. Runways models were decorated with soft, natural shades of eye shadow. Search in your cosmetics box and pick all shades of pastel colors that have been ignored. Green, purple, beige or soft pink eye shadow will not be gaudy, but in the first plan will be your lashes. Use mascara for volume.

    2. Massive jewelry
    The same goes for the massive rings and large earrings. With a solid combination your jewelry will definitely come to the fore.

    3. Lavender color
    This juicy youthful color is a great power lifter for hot spring and summer days ahead. Choose details, such as bags, trench coats, ballet shoes or strap in soft, pastel lavender shades and enjoy.

    4. Irregular parting
    After so many seasons on the side parting, it was time for a big comeback in the middle parting. Avoid strict straight line, and let your hair choose her path. This hairstyle will suit all types of women.

    5. High-heeled loafers
    Moccasins are back, but in something sexier and more elegant style. Legendary shoes in new look are perfect for business suit, but also for long jeans and a sexy dress.

    6. Plain jeans
    Say goodbye to washed and torn jeans because plain jeans are back. Dark blue jeans with a slight seventies trapeze style, which are reminiscent of classic pants are a big hit. Search in your closet and put them on.

    7. Goodbye lip gloss
    This spring, forget the lip gloss, and select a matte lipstick. New matte lipstick are enriched with moisture and won't dry out your lips and will last a long time. If you do not want to spend money on a new lipstick, grab the one you are currently using, and remove excess shine tapping with fingers on lips.

    8. Dresses with retro prints
    Interesting retro print dresses are back in. Vibrant, playful colors and shapes will refresh your look, and with this combination you do not need any jewelry.

    9. Long skirts
    Feminine skirt with fuller materials and bell shape below the knee will fit almost all forms of female body, and you will look very elegant and refined. Choose a neutral colored skirt and blouse with interesting or colorful print.

    10. Grey nail polish
    Fantastic balance between too dark and cold black and screaming pink color that last year were a hit is just beautiful, elegant shade of gray. Gray is the color that you can combine with all the colors and occasions. Select high-gloss nail polish.


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