Tips For The Delicate Skin Around The Eyes

  • You must have read many times that you need to pay attention to your skin around the eyes, we have gathered all the advices in one place, in this article.

    You know that the skin around the eyes is different from the rest of our faces, right? It is thinner, has less fat and no muscle underneath it. Below are the blood vessels that can make the dark circles if they are located on the surface. Well, lets try to keep our skin youthful as long as we can.

    Good sleep - we will never get tired repeating you this, again and again. Sleep! Get a good night's sleep.

    Say 'Yes' to sunglasses - during sunny winter days, the sun is reflected in the snow so it's very light, it is necessary to protect our eyes from the bright rays of the sun and snow, otherwise we will blink and get wrinkles around the eyes.

    Remove your makeup - you wonder what happens when you go to sleep with a dirty face? You wake up with a dirty face. While you sleep makeup gets into your skin and in this way skin losses her glow.

    Be natural - try to put little makeup on face, especially during summer days when it's too hot to wear heavy makeup on your face. For your face skin this is like when you wear warm clothes during the hot days. Let your face rest from time to time of all the products you use. During the hot days just put water spray on your face.

    Chilly water - it will remove the dark circles under your eyes and try to keep the water chilly but not freezing.

    Be gentle - sensitive skin around the eyes doesn't tolerate harsh treatment, so you need to be gentle with applying creams, serums, or makeup. Do not rub this area. If you do that, you'll damage small blood vessels under the eyes and you will get dark circles.

    Apply cream on your face - do not apply night cream exactly before you go to bed. Apply them an hour or an hour and a half before bedtime. Otherwise you may have swollen eyes.

    What you can and can't do:
    - use cosmetics intended for your age
    - do not put face cream around the eyes because it can cause irritation and swelling
    - do not touch your eyes often, do not stretch the skin and always wash your hands before touching your eyes

    To learn the reason why your eyes are swollen, maybe you should visit a doctor to see if your kidneys are okay. Some other things can cause swelling, such as:
    - if you sleep with your head slightly above the rest of the body
    - avoid heavy cream around the eyes
    - examine your daily salt intake, which may retain water in your body
    - reduce alcohol
    - potato, tea and chamomile compresses can reduce swelling

    Wrinkles under the eyes are inevitable but you can provide your skin a youthful look if you follow these tips. Reduce stress, maintain a healthy lifestyle and love yourself.


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