Big Dilemma: Cheap Or Expensive Cosmetics

  • Do you ever wonder why some beauty products are expensive, and the other incredibly cheap, and all promise similar effects? Product can have high price if he carries a famous name, but the reason is actually a lot simpler - how the product is created.

    Toyota or Ferrari?

    Beauty industry is like any other industry. Take, for example, cars. You have cheap and expensive cars. There are hundreds of shades among them. Of course, everyone buys according to their financial abilities, but if you had the chance you would immediately replace your Toyota for Ferrari! The same goes with beauty products. We use and buy cosmetics that we can afford. However, when women see the high price of anti-wrinkle creams, a defense mechanism in their head says - "That is nonsense! Cheaper cream has the same effect!" Well it's not the case. Of course, any moisturizing treatment (or any other, depending on what you need), will help you for a short time, but the crux of a good beauty product is not short term but long term impact. Are you wondering why some expensive beauty products and the other incredibly cheap promise similar effects? Product can have high price if he carries a famous name, but the reason is actually a lot simpler - how the product is created.

    What experts say?

    Expensive ingredients, complex laboratory processes, investment in innovation - all this and more - affect the price of cosmetic products. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Rainer W. Schmidt, chairman and founder of the renowned Swiss company Swiss Mountain Cosmetics, which produces luxury cosmetics Niance. "When you look at a box of cream you cannot see anything. Expensive and inexpensive will look the same. With cars, everything is clear - design, engine, performances- you know why one is expensive, and the other cheap. However, the various 'mixtures' that are used on the face and body contain many different substances which you would gladly, if you had the correct insight into the ingredients, thrown in the trash.", explains Schmidt. Indeed, we are very carefully in reading declarations on food products. We are obsessed with healthy lifestyle, detox tea, exercise, relaxation ... but still we just laugh when someone uses expensive cosmetics because that person has confidence in the way in which it's produced and in the ingredients they contain.

    I can give you the next argument - you really pay attention on what you put on skin - for example, you use only high quality organic almond oil (most expensive is maybe 20$), and you think that you give your skin the best. You forget that oil has almost no moisturizing power, usually has very little penetration power and that alone can't help your skin.

    Dr. Schmidt noted that it is ideal for the development of cosmetics, which is usually very expensive, to combine the superior natural ingredients with complex scientific research in the field of dermatology and cosmetology. The strategic regeneration of the skin with long-term effect is obtained by the synergy of excellent ingredients, scientific innovation, expertise and experience and using advanced technology in the process of exploration and production. This is, off course, very expensive.

    "It is important to educate consumers. The modern consumer who watches on his health has learned to read the declaration of food because he cares what he eats. It is little harder to understand the substances in cosmetic products and creams, but equally important, because what is applied to the skin enters our body, as well as what we eat. Now, consumer is better educated.", Schmidt said.

    Thus, not so expensive cosmetics (up to 40$), will likely help your skin to satisfy their basic needs, so if you still keep a normal lifestyle, your skin will certainly be grateful. However, expensive cosmetics (from $200), with a long-term use, will probably be a true alternative to Botox, cosmetic surgery or complex non-invasive treatment in beauty salons.

    Higher rank cosmetics have several basic features:

    - Cell renewal
    - An effect similar to Botox
    - Increasing natural skin power to synthesize hyaluronic acid
    - Strengthening of the collagen / elastin matrices
    - Protection against free radicals and the negative environmental impacts
    - Strengthening the connective tissue

    Swiss Glacier Complex

    Dr. Schmidt introduced Niance brand products, which contain so-called Swiss Glacier Complex - a purely natural substance of the Swiss Alps, which is in the laboratories of Swiss Mountain Cosmetics converted into a unique anti-aging elixir. Niance Cosmetics is in the category of expensive cosmetics above $200, because of the complex process of creation. It has a complete line of products that combines cleansing, toning, and day and night care, for both women and men. Because of its properties is primarily used by professionals in the luxury hotel and spa centers, but can be purchased in retail stores.

    At he end, we must note that the allergic reaction is possible with a cheaper and very expensive product and that this is an issue on which we will write separately. Just mention this analogy - unfortunately, some people are allergic to almonds or caviar, despite their flavor or the benefits for our health.


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