How To Save Damaged Hair

  • What is needed for a shiny and healthy hair? Listen to expert advice and we have no doubt that soon your hair will be like from magazines.

    Chemicals from hair colorants are the most common cause of hair damage, but spray, and gels are also on the list. However, most people aren't even aware that their hair is in a really bad condition. At the recent annual congress of the American Academy of Dermatology, experts have offered advice that can help you.

    Dr. Zoe Draelos, a consultant at Duke University Medical School, argues that the moisturizing conditioners are necessary when it comes to damaged hair and there is no contradiction!

    "One of the most common misconceptions about hair is that she is alive, when, in fact, is not and can't heal itself when damaged. The only way is to grow new hair from the scalp. Women need to understand that things such as color, gel and sprays may eventually damage the hair structure and affect its appearance, "explained Dr. Draelos.

    This damage can be reduced if you use a nourishing shampoo combined with conditioner. Products with dimethicone can recover shine, reduce static electricity and tame the hair. Serums that you apply to your hands and rub through your hair, but not the scalp, is also recommended.

    However, if you want to color your hair, then use the colors that are close to your natural color, give an advantage to a darker color, not brighter.

    Waterless and intractable ends and the smell of "burned" hair indicate that your hair is damaged due to heat. "Think about your hair like it is a steak - the first is soft and flexible. Once you cook it, steak will change the texture and be hard. Similarly, the hair changes with time when exposed to heat, resulting in a fragile hair that breaks easily. Protecting your hair from too much heat is the key to maintaining healthy hair, "advises Dr. Draelos.

    Once your hair is "burned" - there is no turning back. The only solution is a haircut. Don't dry your hair with a hair dryer. In winter use hair dryer at the lowest speed and avoid the biggest one.

    To reduce the harmful effects of sunlight in summer wear a hat regularly and nourish hair with moisturizing mask. Choose a shampoo and conditioner designed for your hair type, and apply conditioner only on the ends.


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