Romantic Make Up

  • You can look like a beautiful, delicate and feminine film heroine if you follow the advice for a romantic look. As romance is in the eye of the beholder, we have prepared three different make up stories. With a few simple strokes, you're ready for a fairytale life.

    1. The mysterious lady

    To start apply concealer and foundation and blend with a face powder one shade lighter than your complexion. Apply a white eyeshadow on the eyes, black eyeliner on the eyelid and generous coat of mascara on the lashes. On lips apply red lipstick.

    2. The fragile woman

    Romantic make-up often looks very natural. Apply a good foundation on the face and put a thicker layer of concealer on the eyelids. Choose and loose powder to look magically. Put a nude eyeshadow and one layer of mascara to the lashes. For lips, use a little face powder, then lip gloss (apply a thicker of gloss on the middle part of the lips).

    3. Feminine look

    You can accentuate your femininity and tenderness with your eyes. Once you put the foundation, apply a warm brown eyeshadow. Draw a line with a black pen along the lower part of the eye and with liquid eyeliner along the upper part close to the lashes. Express the look with rich layer of mascara. For lips apply lipstick in the color of your lips or a shade lighter.


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