Color-treated Hair Help

  • In order to be shiny and healthy, long and colored hair requires special care. You can create your own hair conditioner who will help your hair.

    Of course, it is much easier and quicker to purchase products, but today, when you need to take account of every penny, it's not bad to save some money.

    Hops for black hair

    Black hair sometimes looks too matte, so you should use preparations that will restore the luster of your hair. Liven up your hair with semi-permanent color and use a regular conditioner. Once a month, make a mask, specifically for black hair.
    Mix two tablespoons of beer with half a liter of water. Apply the mixture on your hair and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with water to avoid the characteristic odor. This mix increases volume and shine.

    Chamomile for blonds

    Blond hair color should be given the most attention. Blond is quickly washed and hair often takes on a yellowish or greenish tint. Once a week rinse your hair in chamomile tea. This will regenerate your hair and give it volume. Cover a fistful of fresh chamomile with a pint of hot water. Wait 10 minutes, then strain tea. After washing your hair with tea, rinse it in water.

    Coffee for brunette

    For bright brown hair coffee is the best. Cook two ounces of coffee, cool it and mix with one egg. Rub the mixture on dry hair, wrap head in foil. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.

    Henna for red hair

    Red color is the hardest to take care off because it washes the fastest, so you should pay careful attention to maintaining the color. Henna is an excellent solution for it. Mix it with water and leave on for 40 minutes. Then rinse well. Use this one a month.


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