Curly Vs. Straight Hair

  • Most of us first notice the hair and face on other people. If you have the perfect makeup, and dry and damaged hair, it will certainly overshadow your pretty face in the negative way.

    Long hair, short, semi-long, curly, straight ... Unfortunately, we cannot choose our hair. It is natural as it should be, and our choice is whether we will curl it, iron, color it ...

    In this article, I will single out two types of hair: curly and straight.

    Straight hair:

    The positive side of straight hair are that you can wear your hair literally in every way (tied in a pony tail, plait ...). Straight hair looks much shinier and healthier than curly, because it is on a flat surface, which, logically, more reflects light. Straight hair is easier to maintain. It doesn't require products such as foam, gel ... Of course, serum is good for ends on straight hair. It should be noted that straight hair looks longer than curly.

    Disadvantages are that straight hair sometimes becomes monotonous, eager for change. Of course, there are numerous techniques by which you can turn a straight hair into curly or wavy (Figaro, curlers, clothes ...), even if only short term.

    Curly hair:

    According to research, there is a smaller percentage of people who have curly hair than those with straight hair. Curly hair requires a lot more care than straight hair because it is prone to drying and tear, split ends, braking ... It is harder to comb this hair when it is dry. Of course, not impossible, but after a long and painful combing it will look ten times worse. It can only be combed while is wet, with conditioner or spray for combining. If you still long for straight hair, the only way to do that is iron, or at best blow dry. Due to high temperatures both types of hair straightening are harmful, especially iron.

    This hair never looks dull. The fact is that curly hair is limited for creating hairstyles, but this hair is in itself sufficient beauty. Therefore, if you are the owner of curly hair, do not use iron very often, because you will make great damage and later, it won't look nice even when it is curly, it will be damaged. Therefore - you wear your hair as it is, nourish it and don't damage it with iron.

    Curly vs. straight hair

    We conclude that both types of hair have their good and bad sides. We just have to point out the good, nourish our hair and wear it proudly as it is. Maybe you will discover what kind of hair looks "better" on the following photos:

    Do you like curly or straight hair? What type is your hair? How do you wear it? Do you want to change it and how?


    Anonymous said...

    what awesome way to be look pretty and gorgeous with different hair styles, hair really is the crowning glory of people...

    Anonymous said...

    I always thought straight was better but in these photos the curly hair looks better. Curly looks soft and pretty

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