Stars without make-up: shocks and surprises

  • Madonna with and without makeup, we all know, is not the same person - but everyone knows that the pop diva without makeup and photoshop looks just tragic. But lots of younger stars than her look pretty sad when they are not all dressed up for the spotlights. On the other hand, some of the stars were a real surprise - they look much better without make up.

    They don't need any make up

    Singer Katy Perry will rarely be see without strong layers of mascara (sometimes eyelashes), a strong black ink, eye shadow with lots of glitter, gloss strong pink lips and a perfect matt complexion. Recently, Katy surprised a photographer by her appearance without make-up - tired expression, but equally beautiful, gentle and dollish ", with its large expressive blue eyes. When someone wears so much makeup, it is often expected a shock, but this time Katy didn't shocked us - we got a lovely young girl, just a little tired of the mighty performances and parties.

    Dita Von Teese is a real discovery. The starlet doesn't need any make-up. Without it she looks nicer, younger, fresher and of course - far more natural. With his usual retro makeup, Dita looks sharp, elderly and harsher, without freshness, like a doll from a Japanese kabuki theater. We understand that her burlesque striptease points require a certain image, but sometimes on the red carpet she could treat us with her natural beauty. She is a real girl next door, with a few curls and friendly smile.

    Heidi Klum
    has not surprised us - a true German beauty - regular facial, fresh, beautiful complexion. The eyes may be a little tired, but it is only because we are just to mascara on them. Heidi is embodiment of glamor and elegance with make up, but we prefer the fresher winter version.

    Nice, but we love them more with mascara

    Beyonce never shocked us without makeup. She is one of those stars who have had no problems with pictures without make up. The famous singers without makeup looks very common (read: usually, like every other pretty girl), but as we were accustomed to their 'ultimate-flawless-vamp-diva' issue from music videos, concerts and red carpet, then we like her more in the glamorous version .

    Rihanna with makeup looks just perfect. Her green eyes come to the fore, a decently full lips are accentuated with gloss or, sometimes, bright red lipstick for glamorous combinations. She always looks confident, sexy and very feminine. She is cute without makeup, but somehow slightly chubby and round. On the street we would not be scared, but we would not even notice her.

    We would prefer that we didn't see this

    The queen of pop Madonna is over 50 and we don't expect her to look flawless without , but it would be better without that terrible facial expressions! Always when the paparazzi caught her away from the red carpet, she turns out somehow entangled, strict, harsh, pointed ... With make-up Madonna still looks elegant and beautiful for her age, we especially love her always seductive green eyes, highlighted by a eyeliner and mascara.

    Reese Witherspoon, despite her youth, no makeup makes her sad, gray, tired. Luckily, she only needs a good foundation, mascara, light eyeshadow in the corners of eyes and bright red lipstick.

    The same story is with Gwyneth Paltrow - a natural blond, freckled, and very light lashes, but shines with a little mascara and bright red lipstick. Gwyneth actually does not look so bad (maybe we are exaggerating placing it alongside Madonna), but she looks "laundered / washed / bleached". Certainly, more comfortable version of her is on the red carpet.


    Lucky Charms said...

    With all the girls here, I love how Dita looks without make up. Second, is Heidi.

    Beauty Junkie said...

    yes i agree with you Dita has natural beauty.

    Anonymous said...

    dita von tesse it gorgeous... her and marilyn gotta get back together... goregous couple

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