Make-up For Correcting Imperfections

  • If you are not completely satisfied with your appearance, help yourself with some make up tricks. Here are some tips.

    1. Short face

    To extend your face a little, apply a darker foundation to the area below the cheek and then take a powder that matches your skin tone and smooth your face, gently mixing two shades of foundation. This will highlight cheekbones and your face will look longer.

    2. Wide cheeks

    If you want your face to look narrower - there is a solution. Apply a darker shade of foundation on the outside of the cheek, and of course smooth all with lighter powder.

    3. Small chin and a big forehead

    If you have small chin, apply a lighter foundation than on the rest of the face. You can shorten a big forehead if you apply a darker foundation.

    4. My nose, my pride

    The nose can be visually reduced by appling darker foundation under it and on top of the nose, if you want to increase your nose, in the same places apply a lighter foundation. Expand your narrow nose by putting a lighter shade of powder on both sides of the nose, and also narrow the wide nose appling a darker foundation. Always be careful to avoid the lines and differences in darker and lighter powder on face.


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