A True Icon: Red Lipstick

  • Lipstick is a favorite makeup for every woman, especially red, so sexy and so controversial! The rule of red lipstick will continue in the 2011, so arm yourselves!

    Controversial history

    I hope you find something personal in the history of lipstick. Keep in mind that the red lipstick is a "look at me" color! Wear it with confidence or don't wear it at all! Did you know that painting your lips dates from ancient Egyptian times? Greeks and Romans also decorated lips with a mixture of colors, pigments, oils and wax, men and women alike. Even Cleopatra had lipstick made from petroleum jelly and crushed red rose petals. Then, as now, red color was considered as a symbol of passion and power.

    Lipstick began to gain more popularity in the 16th century in England. Queen Elizabeth, a powerful ruler, and trendsetter, wore a red lipstick that was only available to higher caste. However, not everyone liked the lipstick and in 1770 the British parliament passed a law that prohibits the red lipstick - a woman who wore red lipstick, was considered a witch. U 19. In the 19th century, make up is still not fully accepted, Queen Victoria felt rough to use it.

    However, as the years passed, particularly the relocation to the American continent, where it seemed that everything is possible, women began to wear stronger colors on lips.

    Don't forget me!

    1871 Guerlain creates a red lipstick called, "Ne m'oubliez pas," which means "do not forget me"! In the 20-ties, after the war, dark red lipsticks were very popular which was a symbol of new power and strength. At that time it was appropriate to wear red lipstick during the day and at lunch, but not at night.

    The development of film industry in Hollywood made the lipstick red a must-have among the actresses who are very well aware that everything emphasized is very welcome! Hollywood starlets like Gloria Swanson and Lana Turner have helped increase the popularity of lipstick. 1930 Elizabeth Arden is starting to produce different colors of lipsticks, opened a beauty salon, and thus allows the average woman make access to make up and during World War II creates a lipstick red called "Montezuma Red" (the name inspired by the Aztec ruler). Red lipstick in this difficult time of war is what women needed to survive, it was on the list of necessary food in America!

    Marilyn Monroe with her blond hair and red lips was the ambassador of red lipstick as well as Elizabeth Taylor with her siren-red lips! In 1970 Chanel launched the first lipstick with a shimmering pigments. Madonna in 1986 says that her favorite red color is "Russian Red" from MAC cosmetics, then this becomes a bestseller. Later, MAC again launches hit color "Viva Glam", red lipstick, whose sales brought tens of millions of dollars for the MAC AIDS Fund. Can you believe how people can help through a "normal" red lipstick? 2000 LancĂ´me has created a revolutionary lipstick "Rouge Absolu Creme" especially moisturizing and with gel texture.

    The message of strength and femininity

    Pigments used in the preparation of lipstick are different colors, from red to brown. Oils which often provide the smell of roses are also used, which are: castor oil, lanolin, cocoa butter, olive oil or mineral oil.

    Throughout history, women were afraid of their red lips. Of course, in recent decades, the pastel colors are more popular, but the red lips are the ones that attract attention and retain the view. The ancient Egyptians painted their lips and eyes in red. In ancient Japan, Geisha painted her face in white and lips in red. Red lips are a universal symbol!

    Lets continue to the modern beauties: red-haired actress Alicia Witt looks stunning, with bright red hair and perfect red lips, Scarlett Johansson, with her curves, porcelain complexion and lips made an image of blond seductress. With red lipstick, she looks just like the legendary Marilyn Monroe! Red lipstick adore Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguillera, Dita Von Teese, Megan Fox, Rihanna, Sienna Miller, Katy Perry and many others also adore red lipstick!

    Top 10 red lipsticks!

    I would like to present some of my favorite red lipsticks that excite me again and again! When you find yourself in perfumery, try them and find your favorite red color!

    1. Red Lipstick Elizabeth Arden Limited Edition Anniversary Lipstick, Red Door Red

    2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in two colors: Red Muse or Red Taboo (check out its price by clicking on picture below)

    Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte ( Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 ) - No. 18 Red Taboo 4g/0.14oz

    3. Chanel Rouge Coco 19 Gabrielle

    4. Guerlain Rouge Kiss Kiss 531 Fabulous Rouge

    5. Guerlain Rouge G 21 Gala

    Guerlain Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact - # 21 Gala 3.5g/0.12oz

    6. Dior Rouge 999 Rouge Ara

    7. Clarins Rouge Prodige 120 Fusion Red

    8. Clinique High Impact Lip Color 12 Ready to Wear

    Clinique High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15 - # 12 Red-y To Wear 3.8g/0.13oz

    9. Dolce&Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick, Fire

    10. Dolce&Gabbana Classic Cream Lipstick, Devil


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