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  • It feels so good when someone sends a compliment to your healthy, shiny and (ah, so) sexy hair! But, how to find the right strategy for the perfect care and styling? You have so many dilemmas. We asked the professionals to help us solve the twenty most common hair concerns ...

    1. How often should I wash my hair?
    If necessary, it should be done daily. Of course, use a mild shampoo. You should always keep in mind several important things:
    - Don't apply too much shampoo.
    - Before rubbing shampoo on your hair, dilute it with water.
    - If your hair is very damaged or dry, apply shampoo only on the roots, not on the whole hair.
    - Finally, rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

    2. Does diet affect on the hair?
    Unfortunately, with the diet you can't make the hair to look like a luxuriant mane, but can enhance its radiance and glow. Beans, lentils and beef have a positive effect, because they are rich in iron which prevent its decline. Similar effects have nuts, rice and cereal whole grains (rich in copper, zinc, biotin and unsaturated fatty acids).

    3. Does conditioner binds your hair?
    No, at least not when the hair requires special care. Balm recovers its jagged pieces and makes it easier to shape. However, it should be applied only to defective parts, for example, the strands or parts that have highlights. However, if you wish to give your hair extra care, use a hair mask. In that case don't apply too much and gently rinse off. When choosing conditioner, be careful - not all have the same amount of substances that add shine.

    4. What is the quantity of products for hair care enough?
    Most women overdo with the use of hair products. It is enough to put a small amount of shampoo, like a small coin. The amount of a hair mask should match the size of walnuts, conditioner should match hazelnuts. Very long or thick hair requires applying a larger amount of products.

    5. How to save the hairstyle when things go wrong?
    Sometimes you may think that every single hair has decided to ruin your day. Because of the many commitments, you have not washed your hair, and an important meeting is waiting for you. Then reach for the amazing hair arms for many employed women - spray for styling or hot curlers that will "fix" loose curls. The alternatives are: dry shampoo for washing hair or baby powder which will absorb the grease from the hair root, and your hair looks like you've just washed it. And when nothing else can help, please use the good old trick - pick up the hair in a ponytail.

    6. How to prevent hair loss?
    If you have this problem, don't panic. First, watch the hair two to three weeks, and then contact a dermatologist. The cause of the problem can be intense sun, iron deficiency or the thyroid gland disorder. To determine the specific cause of your problem, it is best to consult a dermatologist who will direct you to the necessary analysis. And is there any other option that can help? Try dermatological shampoo, capsules and lotions that can be bought in any pharmacy.

    7. Does the hair requires different care as we get older?
    It is absolutely true, because - eventually - the head skin gets older and the hair becomes thin, brittle and lose shine. To make a small parallel: as facial skin requires different care in thirties and fifties (later in life should be cherished with Q10 creams that contain essential fatty acids and carnitine), the same is with hair. Therefore, in fifties you will need to use hair products that will encourage its bounce and shine.

    8. Is all hair the same?
    Women with black hair have about 100,000 strands of hair on head. This hair color is widespread throughout the world, because it dominates the continent such as Asia, Africa and Latin America. Now consider the fact that these continents have a very large number of immigrants that have settled around the world ...
    Blonds have an average of 150,000 hairs, that is - more than any other, but their hair is much thinner and finer. Most of the blond comes from the Scandinavian countries. An interesting fact is that in the world there are only ten percent of the natural blond.
    Redheads have 90,000 strands of hair, much less than people of other hair colors, but the red hair is much firmer and stronger. Only one percent of the world's population has natural red hair.
    Brunettes are with 110,000 hairs in the middle. Conventional wisdom is that these are very intelligent woman, with strong character. Looking for proof? The majority of Nobel Prize winners were brunette.

    9. What to look for before hair coloring?
    You don't need to wash your hair before hair coloring, because a fine layer of fat protects the scalp from chemical stress. Intensive care before this process would be counterproductive. If you dye your hair yourself, keep in mind that the hair length to the shoulders need two packages of color.

    10. When your visit to the hairdresser is really worth it?
    Whenever you change hair color, radical hairstyle change or a mini-wave. Only experts will accurately assess your natural hair color and desired color mix - that way there won't be unpleasant surprises. The same goes for the mini-wave.

    11. Why in thirties the hair turns gray?
    During inhalation, in every cell of the body is created hydrogen peroxide, even in the hair follicle, which usually enzymes neutralize. Over time, this process works harder, du to a rising concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. To put it simple, there is some kind of synthesis of natural bleaching agents. In some people it happens earlier, some later. Don't let that worry you too much.

    12. What is the difference between bleaching and coloring in blond?
    From dark hair to bright shades - this change can be achieved only with bleaching. Natural, dark pigments must be removed from the hair, and for that it is used a relatively strong means of oxidation, such as peroxide and per-sulfate. When coloring in blond, much less natural pigment is removed. Thus, for example, extends the range of colors. As a oxidation product, is only used peroxide, and the hair is much less damaged, but the effect is weaker.

    13. Why are colors without ammonia better?
    They have more pleasant smell. The smell is in any case, much weaker than that emit dye with ammonia, which is used to "fill" hair so that it could precipitate the color pigments. This role, instead of ammonia, take special oils, which are also alkaline, but don't have intense (read: nasty) smell.

    14. What hair styling products work best?
    Of course, this depends on the hair and hair density. The cream is good when you want a ponytail. And the gel is good for styling of a short hair, and those of medium length, and for the wet curls also. Longer hair will look greasy if you apply gel and wax, so use them in small quantities. To correct or style your hair, apply a small amount of cream and gently rub into your hair. Hair spray works at any length and styling, but too much spray can blind hair.

    15. Can I use Figaro every day?
    Depends on temperature. The new models (Brown and Philips) have the ability to regulate temperature for every hair type. So if you want to set the curls every day, do not do it at full power, up to 200 degrees. In any case, use special products for the design and protection against heat.

    16. What you need to know about the perm and curls?
    Mini-Wave has been underestimated technique for hair volume, depending on the technique and the size of curlers is placed only at the root of the hair or the entire length. He's not a good solution for long hair, but it will look great on a short, straight or on the medium length hair. Blow drying is much easier when the hair is slightly wavy.

    Rollers are for luxurious curls - Truth or Fiction?
    Many believe that with the big rollers are achieved luxurious curls. Unfortunately, this is technically impossible, because - bigger curls means that the effect is weaker. To have perfect curls, tighten the hair when you curl it.
    Can hair change its structure during curling?
    To make straight hair became curly joints in the interior have to "regroup." Think of them as bars on the ladder who under the influence of chemicals are fixed in the new (wavy) form. Of course, not everyone can terminate connections to re-merge, and the hair loses its elasticity, and can break.

    17. How can I correct the natural curls?
    There are several possibilities, one of which is ironing your hair. Although, it is much more modern, permanent fix. This procedure is carried out in a similar way like a mini-wave, whenv with the chemical compounds is breaking the hair. After treatment, the hair is formed. Then, with the fixing fluid, are closed the open joints in the interior of the hair. Hair should not be washed three days after this.

    18. How to make bun last longer?
    The best posture you will achieve if hair is not freshly washed, because it is easier to shape. Straight strands first curl with Figaro and allow the hair to cool down to make it easier to shape. For firming use hairpins that are wide.

    19. How to do a "banana" bun?
    It is important that you have shoulder length hair. Comb it in the low tail, secure it, and then twist the tail-up - first the tops. Shape of bananas, which occurs, fix with the hairpin and (eventually) with hair spray.

    20. What are the best tricks to achieve the volume?
    Use products that stimulate the volume of the hair and blow dry with the extension for the diffusion (make sure you do a small, circular motion). You can just use a simple trick that will achieve a sumptuous volume: change the natural parting, this will correct the hair root.


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